For over 40 years, Simmons and Crowe Pest Control has been helping you protect your home and family from unwanted pests. We understand that you want your home and your office to be free of mice, termites, rats, roaches, spiders, ants and other “creepy crawlies” and we are here to help. We have pest and insect control services to help you eradicate any current problems and prevention programs to keep your home & office free from pests. We continue to add to our services so that we always have the most current technologies to utilize in eradicating pests, including bed bug pest control services.

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We specialize in integrated pest management that provides effective control with a minimum use of pesticides. Weather plays a critical
role in insect development cycles, and preventive measures taken at appropriate times can greatly reduce nesting activities.

One-Time Service to Rid Your Home of Insect Pests

Emergency service is available since the stinging insects often produce emergency situations. This includes services from our bed bugs exterminator.

Preventive Treatments in the Spring to Prevent Nesting Activity

Yellow jackets and wasps have favorite nesting sites; if these sites are treated early in the spring, nesting activity can be inhibited or prevented. Foundation perimeter treatments can prevent yellow jackets, ants, and other insects from entering your home.


Treatment for general insects inside and the outside of your commercial business or home. For this service, we use a hand held sprayer and eco-friendly chemicals.


We will come and do a Free 7 point survey analysis of the location and provide you with a written estimate in regards to the issues. We will also give you several different options that are cost effective as per each customer’s needs.

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