Portland Commercial Pest Control ServicesEven the smallest pest control problem can threaten a company’s integrity and even devastate the company as a whole. Pests can present themselves in almost any kind of building, even those that are kept meticulously clean. For this reason, it is important that business owners are always vigilant to any presence of pests in their company buildings and call a commercial pest control service at the first sign of an infestation. While restaurants are most commonly perceived as harboring pest problems, pests can reside anywhere from grocery stores to schools or other institutions.

Work With a Licensed Commercial Pest Control Service

A pest control problem in any of these locations can quickly spread and can become destructive to the company and even buildings themselves. Because there are so many types of pests, it can be almost impossible to determine what kinds of pests might exist in a building and to decide what pest control methods would best suit such an infestation. For this reason, it is important to work with a licensed commercial pest control company that can resolve any pest problem quickly and efficiently.

We Offer Termite Protection, Cockroach Control & More

Located in the Sherwood area, our pest control company provides business owners with invaluable expertise and competent resolution to pest control problems. From cockroach control to termite protection, rodent elimination and bed bug prevention, we can do it all. While many businesses might try to manage a pest control problem on their own, these ventures are frequently unsuccessful. More importantly, pests breed quickly and at high volumes, meaning that a small infestation can (and usually does) quickly become unmanageable.

Our qualified commercial pest control professionals will be able to identify specific pests and even locate the root of pest control problems. This allows us to better treat specific pest control problems and cater our services to every client’s specific needs and problems. Plus, our extensive experience in the field allows us to treat pest control problems more quickly and efficiently. This allows a business to get back on its feet more quickly and reduces negative consequences that can arise from pest problems.

Let Our Commercial Pest Control Services Prevent Issues

Our professional pest control services are also much more effective in the long-term. While traps and sprays can be effective in killing some pests, there are frequently nests and habitats that business owners can’t locate or may not even know exist. Our professionals can locate those inconspicuous sites and destroy the problem at its source. This significantly reduces the chance of re-infestation. Not only are our workers capable and competent, they are also trained to provide the best customer service and highest quality of workmanship. Working with a St. Louis company that truly values its customers allows business owners to worry about their companies, and not about pests.



Your business is one of your most important investments. Don’t let pests ruin your reputation and everything you’ve worked hard for. There are effective ways to eliminate and control these animals, and we offer a protection program that will cover all your business’s pest control needs. Our service includes an initial inspection to locate infested areas and identify the right treatment. We’ll provide an honest assessment and recommend the best elimination method.

Our bug exterminators in Portland, Clark, Washington, Clackamas, Columbia, Cowlitz, Multnomah & Yamhill Counties, OR as well as in Sherwood, OR can help you with commercial pest control in Oregon. Get in touch with our team today.


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