Do I need to leave my home for my pest control treatment?

In most cases, you do not need to leave your home for treatment. In some cases, the pest control technician may ask you to leave the room while he is treating for your pest. The pest control technician may ask that pets, infants, or children be removed from the room for their safety, but in most situations, you will not need to leave your home. The technician will inform you of any particular post-treatment instructions or restrictions for services such as termite extermination or bed bug treatment.

Are the chemicals you use safe for pets and children?

Pesticides are an essential part of our business and yes, they have a risk factor. All of our pest control technicians are highly trained and state certified. They also follow the label application instruction exactly and precisely for a safe application. All materials are applied carefully to minimize any health risks for your family and pets.

Why do you ask for payment by credit card?

There are two reasons you will be asked to pay for your pest control service by credit card. First, we are a “green” office. We try in all ways to minimize the use of paper for interoffice correspondence and correspondence with our clients. Second, with today’s economic situation, by paying for your service with your credit card you help us keep our overhead low keeping our prices low. In addition, credit card payments give you added protection on your payment.

What is the purpose of the little cardboard triangles that my pest control technician has left lying around?

Our pest control technicians put out these special cardboard triangles to monitor mouse and insect activity between visits. Pests leave us clues and these triangles allow your technician to know what pests are active and where to focus their efforts. This is useful during our pest inspection services so we can determine which pests have infested your home and determine the best treatment methods.

I am interested in natural pest control service, what pests do you treat this way?

Most insects and rodents can be controlled using natural or organic pest control methods. Rodents can be controlled with traps and exclusion methods, whereas insects can be controlled using various botanical oils and materials. Although natural pest control treatments may take longer to resolve your specific pest situation, some of our customers feel more comfortable with this treatment option. You can talk to our pest control technicians about these options during your free pest inspection.

I am being treated for bed bugs; what preparations must I do in advance of the bed bug treatment appointment?

It is important that you have your home ready before your bed bug treatment. Clothes and clutter needs to be off the floor, carpets and floors should be vacuumed and the vacuum bags put outside in the garbage. The bed should be stripped of all bedding, including the mattress pad and bed skirt. All bedding items should be laundered in hot water and dried on the cotton high heat setting. Bedding should not be returned to the room until after the treatment has been completed and the treatment materials have dried. The pest control technician will be careful and efficient; please make his difficult job easier by having items out of his way so that he can concentrate on your bed bugs.

I have a pest problem, but I’m not sure what pest I have. How do I know what it is to get rid of it?

We will know what pest you have and how to treat for it effectively. We have an entomologist on staff for difficult cases, but all of our pest control technicians have received intensive training on the identification of pests. Although you may not know what the pest is, we are sure that we will be able to identify it and properly treat your home to get rid of the problem. Call us for a pest inspection today.

I’m pregnant or my child has a condition, can you still do a treatment for me?

Yes, we can still provide pest control services for you and your family. Our pest control technician may ask you or your child to leave the room during treatment for health considerations, but all of our pest control technicians are trained in the proper and safe use of pesticides for your protection.

I have mice; when you come to exterminate them will you be closing up any openings caused by rodent activity?

Yes we will. We will caulk or use a wire mesh product as we see fit based on the openings to seal up entry points as we find them. However, we may suggest that very large holes be repaired by your handyman.

I don’t have termites but I would like some sort of termite protection, do you offer that?

Yes we do. Along with our termite extermination services, we offer prevention services that can keep termites from getting into your home in the first place. We will caulk or use a wire mesh product as we see fit based on the openings to seal up entry points as we find them. However, we may suggest that very large holes be repaired by your handyman.

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