When you are buying a home in Sherwood, selling your home or simply getting back on schedule with necessary home maintenance, pest inspections are key in protecting your financial investment and your family’s health. Professional pest inspections identify which pests, if any, are in your home. Pest control technicians determine the extent of the problem and determine the best way to eradicate the pests from your Sherwood home, providing you with total pest management for your home. Getting a pest inspection done is well worth the small cost of this invaluable service, especially if the service offers prevention guarantees.


Pests are not only unsightly and messy, but they may cause significant structural damage to your Sherwood home. Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees are known to chew through wood. Rats, mice, squirrels and other animals may eat through wiring, increasing the risk of fire. Pests also carry with them diseases that are harmful to humans, including hantavirus, rabies, and plague. For the best pest control, you need to identify the presence of these pests as early as possible. That’s where our pest inspection services can help.


There are many common household pests in the Sherwood area. Mice and rats can squeeze through a hole as small as a nickel or quarter and have a litter of pups every six weeks. Termites and carpenter ants are attracted to damp wood. They excavate living quarters through the wood, damaging the wood and causing it to crumble, leading to serious structural damage. Other common household pests in your Sherwood home could include spiders, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, gnats, flies, bees, squirrels, raccoons and bats.


A routine home inspection does not include inspection for household pests. Although a home inspector may notice some signs or symptoms of a pest invasion, home inspectors do not have the necessary training, education or experience to identify home pest problems in your Sherwood home. Hiring a professional pest inspection service company allows you to rest assured knowing that any pests living in your Sherwood home will be detected by the knowledgeable and trained pest control technicians.

Our professional pest control services include a complete home and property inspection from the basement to the attic and foundation to the fence. We identify the pests, determine the best treatment to get rid of them and follow up to ensure the pests are gone and that no re-infestation has taken place. By hiring a professional pest control company, you gain the expertise of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to serving you.

Pest Inspection Services in Sherwood


We specialize in integrated pest management that provides effective control with a minimum use of pesticides. Weather plays a critical role in insect development cycles, and preventive measures taken at appropriate times can greatly reduce nesting activities.

One-Time Service to Rid Your Home of Insect Pests—Emergency service is available since the stinging insects often produce unsuspecting emergency situations.

Preventive Treatments in the Spring to Prevent Nesting Activity—Yellow jackets and wasps have favorite nesting sites; if these sites are treated early in the spring, nesting activity can be inhibited or prevented. Foundation perimeter treatments can prevent yellow jackets,
ants, and other insects from entering your home.


Treatment for general insects inside and the outside of your commercial business or home. For this service, we use a hand held sprayer
and eco-friendly chemicals.


We will come and do a Free 7 point survey analysis of the location and provide you with a written estimate in regards to the issues. We will also give you several different options that are cost effective as per each customer’s needs.

Call us today for the best pest control by scheduling a pest inspection for your home.