residential pest control in Sherwood, ORWhen pests of any kind invade a home, all homeowners want them evicted as soon as possible. For general pest control, Sherwood residents have several options to rid the home of these unwelcome guests. Keeping the home clean is the first line of defense, although it is no guarantee that insects or rodents will not get inside. Checking the entire house inside and out for entryways is another important way to keep an invasion from happening. When and if every other effort fails, homeowners resort to pesticides, although many worry about which chemicals are safe to use in the home.

Rodents and insects as well as every form of life, look for water, food, and shelter. Eliminating as many resources as possible will help to make your home less attractive to them. Clear all dishes and leftover food and scraps away after a meal and do not leave dirty dishes or water standing in the sink. Always place wet garbage in plastic bags, remove it from the home and deposit in garbage cans with tightly fitting lids. Remove pet food dishes after the pet has eaten. Check for moisture around pipes in kitchens and bathrooms that may attract insects such as roaches and silverfish.


Simmons and Crowe Pest Control is the name you can trust when it comes to residential pest control service. We customize our services to meet every client requirement. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to make your home free from any types of pest. From rodent control to treatment for bed bugs, we do it all. Tell us about your pest problems and we’ll take care of everything, from inspection to elimination and control.

We care about you, your home, and your family. We know how hard it is to deal with pests, so we create a team of experts to locate and attack unwanted animals in your property. You might be too busy to perform pest control procedures and are not sure what will work best for your condition. Leave the job to us and focus on doing whatever you need to do. Our company has the right resources and technology to eliminate unwanted guests from your home.

Our pest control service isn’t just about getting rid of pests. It also aims to keep your family safe while we’re working on your property. The experts at Simmons and Crowe Pest Control will maintain a clean workplace to reduce disruption to your household. Call us today.



Keeping pests out of the home in the first place is better than having to get rid of them after they invade. Since they can creep, crawl and walk into a home, look around the entire house for every port of entry where they can get inside. Seal any opening from the foundation to the roof of the house. Check window screens, doors and door sweeps for a tight fit as insects can fit through the smallest cracks or holes. Rodents and even squirrels and bats can also fit through very tiny openings.


Sometimes even the best prevention methods fail and an infestation of a particular kind of pest occurs. While a small amount of insects such as ants can often be controlled with commercial or natural pesticides, not every homeowner’s effort at eradication is successful. In the case of a heavy infestation or finding even a few bed bugs or fleas, the best course of action is to call a professional exterminator immediately. We have the training, experience, and general pest control Oregon residents need to rid a home of any and all pests in the shortest time possible and without harm to your family or your pets. Call today so that you will once again relax and enjoy your pest-free home.


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